Bug #1570

LV2UI_Descriptor.cleanup() is never called (maybe only for LV2_External_UI)

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I have an LV2 plugin with LV2_EXTERNAL_UI__Widget which runs its own GUI in an isolated process.

Now zrythm shows and hides the UI kind of successfully (show() is somehow called twice for unknown reason), but it does not seem to call cleanup function on LV2UI_Descriptor when all the plugin instances are gone (e.g. by "Delete Track").

There seems to be a couple of places that calls suil_instance_free in current zrythm codebase and the function would invoke cleanup, but they don't seem to happen to my external UI plugin (might happen to any other plugins, I only guess it is about the external UI).

My plugin project is and the cleanup code is namely at:

I'm quite unsure if it builds for anyone else, so I put my binaries that I built on Ubuntu 19.10 at (sorry if it doesn't work for you; it depends on things like webkitgtk on the local system)

Console log:


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oh I thought I logged in when I created this one.

BTW thanks to your inputs on UI hosting earlier on Twitter, now it loads the UI in an isolated process and webkitgtk does not get loaded within zrythm, and now it loads on qtractor too :-)

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np, nice! I can't build get it to work though:

LV2_PATH=/gnu/store/rbi7rh3j62j812k0chmqphp4zvgdrd3d-aria2web-0.2/lib/lv2 jalv.gtk3                                                                
UI:           None
JACK Name:    aria2web
Sample rate:  48000 Hz
Block length: 2048 frames
MIDI buffers: 2048 bytes
Comm buffers: 32768 bytes
Update rate:  60.0 Hz
lilv_plugin_instantiate(): error: No plugin <> in <file:///gnu/store/rbi7rh3j62j812k0chmqphp4zvgdrd3d-aria2web-0.2/lib/lv2/sfizz.lv2/>
Failed to instantiate plugin.

not sure if im building it wrong:
I'm running ./ and then copying the sfizz-aria2web/dist/lib/lv2 dir to my prefix's lib/lv2 (and deleting the cello thing because something is linked it to /home/atsushi/soundfonts/sfz/karoryfer-bigcat.cello-master/)

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