Bug #1643

Duplicated track don't copy instrument settings

Added by Andrzej Kilijański 5 days ago. Updated 3 days ago.

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Steps to reproduce

  1. Create new project
  2. Drag Dexed to create track
  3. Choose Chroma 5 Y preset
  4. Add some notes
  5. Duplicate track
  6. Mute orginal track

Tracks sound different.

Can reproduce on other plugins too (Noize Mak3r).


Bug #1645: Instrument sounds different after save/load projectNew


#1 Updated by Alexandros Theodotou 4 days ago

  • Priority changed from Normal to Immediate
  • Target version set to 0.9 beta

#2 Updated by Alexandros Theodotou 3 days ago

can you please confirm that all plugins that cause this contain "" in their ttl?

it seems like a plugin-side issue but I found a workaround for plugins that use this extension (by opening them with carla)

#3 Updated by Andrzej Kilijański 3 days ago

OK, I will made more tests!

Another example is Helm when you set CM Kleer Arp preset and duplicate most of settings are OK. I compared the settings and it looks like the filter and the number of votes are set incorrectly. Maybe this information helps you to find something.

Zynaddsubfx have this extension ( and I think works OK. How to check is the plugin loaded by Carla or zrythm itself?
I tested Helm plugins also in Ardour and it works fine.

#4 Updated by Andrzej Kilijański 3 days ago

I also compared Dexed and there also envelopes are different after duplicating (Dexed with PHAROH preset). Most of settings are OK. So maybe that is only problem with some data type when it's serialized to make duplication or save to file?

#5 Updated by Andrzej Kilijański 3 days ago

Surge have the same problem and don't have so i think this extension is not responsible.


  1. Add Surge
  2. Select Monosynth->Bee preset
  3. Dupliacate track
  4. Solo new track

Calf Organ also don't have this extension and is affected but it's hard to test because in terminal there are a lot of fail assert messages (reported here:

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