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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
2253 Zrythm Feature New Normal icons: snap icons 12/15/2020 03:57 AM
2252 Zrythm Feature New Normal icons: unfavorite Carlos Han 12/13/2020 06:36 PM
2228 Zrythm Bug New Normal warning when copying a region with midi notes starting before it 11/15/2020 10:24 PM
2217 Zrythm Feature New Low it would be interesting to have "double content" in Zr Alexandros Theodotou 11/11/2020 01:23 PM
2210 Zrythm Bug New Normal error when cutting region at start or finish 11/06/2020 09:25 PM
2208 Zrythm Bug New Normal no Shift (snap bypass) should be allowed in brush mode 11/06/2020 09:02 PM
2207 Zrythm Feature New Low Allow enlarging MIDI regions backwards when creating them with Edit tool click-drag 11/06/2020 09:03 PM
2198 Zrythm Bug New Normal Ctrl-Drag with Edit tool does not fill all positions 11/06/2020 09:01 PM
2193 Zrythm Feature New Normal mouse wheel change on bpm should link scrolls together and apply the action after a while 10/31/2020 10:08 PM
2189 Zrythm Feature New Normal separate clipboard for each arranger 10/30/2020 01:53 PM
2185 Zrythm Feature New Normal Remark clicked note on all lenght of Piano Roll 11/01/2020 06:47 PM
2169 Zrythm Feature New Normal Add right click option to remove track send 10/30/2020 11:00 PM
2164 Zrythm Feature New Normal Allow shortcuts, not only context menu 10/31/2020 11:51 PM
2163 Zrythm Feature New Normal Ability delete track on Mixer 10/31/2020 07:44 PM
2160 Zrythm Feature New Normal Add sends on Mixer strips 10/31/2020 11:23 PM
2159 Zrythm Feature New Normal Add Receives (inverse sends) for FX tracks 10/31/2020 11:24 PM
2156 Zrythm Feature New Normal Double-clicking region should open the region in its location [Bottom panel] 10/31/2020 11:21 PM
2153 Zrythm Feature New Low Ability to expand Controls [Plugin inspector] 10/31/2020 11:20 PM
2150 Zrythm Bug New Low splash screen does not auto-hide on MATE 11/01/2020 07:12 PM
2149 Zrythm Feature New Normal Dragging a chord to an existing region should not create another region 10/31/2020 11:08 PM
2146 Zrythm Feature New Low Close Scale Selector and Chord Selector dialogs with Esc 11/01/2020 11:19 PM
2128 Zrythm Bug New Normal implement control input port change request (LV2 KX extension) 10/15/2020 12:50 AM
2124 Zrythm Feature New Normal Add a vertical/horizontal piano roll zoom button 11/01/2020 09:47 PM
2121 Zrythm Bug New High jack midi backend for rtmidi not enabled in installer 11/01/2020 08:19 PM
2120 Zrythm Feature New High implement "custom" timerange export 10/05/2020 08:17 PM
2119 Zrythm Feature New Normal implement best fit (zoom) 10/05/2020 07:32 PM
2118 Zrythm Bug New Normal loop-resizing a region and bringing it back does not put the loop end point at the bar 10/05/2020 07:10 PM
2107 Zrythm Bug New Normal Mod Wheel in Piano-roll caused non-fatal error. 10/01/2020 12:03 PM
2103 Zrythm Bug New Normal midi track output port not exposed to jack on project reload 09/30/2020 05:20 PM
2095 Zrythm Bug New Normal crash when trying to move 2k midi notes with "listen" set to on 09/26/2020 04:31 AM
2088 Zrythm Bug New Low Chord symbol notation need to be changed in Chord Pad. 09/26/2020 04:28 AM
2078 Zrythm Feature New Low Website redesign Carlos Han 09/22/2020 04:01 PM
2069 Zrythm Support New Normal [Carla] implement --help in carla-single 09/19/2020 06:30 PM
2067 Zrythm Feature New High add project migration framework 09/19/2020 04:21 PM
2066 Zrythm Feature New Normal create undoable actions for changing plugin presets 09/19/2020 04:20 PM
2063 Zrythm Feature New Normal plugin window positions should be remembered with projects 10/01/2020 04:54 AM
2056 Zrythm Feature New Normal plugin state garbage collector 09/16/2020 06:01 AM
2049 Zrythm Feature New High implement libsoundio 09/15/2020 06:50 AM
2048 Zrythm Feature New Normal draw minimap content 09/15/2020 04:44 AM
2045 Zrythm Bug New Normal cannot resize regions in lanes 09/14/2020 04:42 PM
2043 Zrythm Bug New High ADLPlug (bridged) does not have same number of ports when cloned 09/14/2020 03:13 PM
2037 Zrythm Feature New Normal ability to create plugins with ability to add controls 09/12/2020 05:52 PM
2031 Zrythm Feature New Normal include faust compiler 09/10/2020 08:17 PM
2030 Zrythm Feature New Normal load features at runtime as modules 09/10/2020 06:14 PM
2028 Zrythm Feature New Normal icons: various musical notations 09/11/2020 10:31 PM
2012 Zrythm Feature New Normal icon: select route destination 09/04/2020 07:17 PM
2011 Zrythm Feature New Normal icon: cc bindings table/port connections table 09/04/2020 07:15 PM
2010 Zrythm Feature New Normal icon: merge selections 09/04/2020 07:13 PM
2009 Zrythm Feature New Normal icon: show/hide automation 09/04/2020 07:11 PM
2008 Zrythm Feature New Normal icon: return to cue point on stop 09/04/2020 07:10 PM
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