Alexandros Theodotou

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  • Zrythm (Manager, Developer, Reporter, 10/05/2019)
  • libaudec (Manager, 12/08/2019)
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12:55 AM Zrythm Feature #844: use ctlra where possible
ctrlra is unmaintained
12:45 AM Zrythm Bug #1383 (Rejected): A lot of XRuns with jack backend
i don't think this is a bug with zrythm - nothing to suggest that from the logs either. it sounds like a problem with...
12:40 AM Zrythm Feature #1417 (Closed): rename bus tracks to effect tracks?
12:39 AM Zrythm Bug #1418 (Closed): zrythm makes an effect/bus track when adding a midi plugin
12:24 AM Zrythm Feature #1422: [Piano Roll] Add "paint brush" to draw multiple notes
plan to do this with ctrl + click + drag with the edit tool
12:22 AM Zrythm Bug #1432: handle sysex messages
needs to be in the timeline - won't work with loops
possibly a new type of arranger object, or just show it in lis...
12:09 AM Zrythm Bug #1398 (Rejected): crash when deleting track
cannot reproduce - no steps to reproduce
12:06 AM Zrythm Feature #1261 (Closed): add plugin bypass option
11:59 PM Zrythm Bug #1380 (Closed): App crashed on launch, can reproduce every time (Catalina 10.15.3)
11:58 PM Zrythm Bug #1430: [cannot replicate - windows] The first note is missing when audio is bounced
cannot replicate

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